Jennifer Jefferise珍妮佛‧傑佛理斯 老師【國際教育顧問】

珍妮佛‧傑佛理斯 老師 (Jennifer  Jefferise)
  • 澳洲國際芳香療法暨芳香醫學協會(IAAMA)會員和教師
  • 前國際IFA澳洲分會臨床會員
  • 澳洲中醫學會(ATMS)會員
  • 美國國際芳香療法治療師聯盟(AIA)會員

我非常開心在台灣許多城市教授和認識許多學生。這幾年下來,我教授芳香療法領域中各種主題的課程。台灣的芳香治療師對於他們工作是相當熱情的,不斷地尋求最新的資訊。因為知道這一點,在數年前我透過Farida Irani的課程與產品引薦阿蘇吠陀芳香療法讓森欣國際有限公司認識。此主題積極地被採用,去年五月份Farida到台灣教授一些短期課程時,受到學員們熱烈的迴響。


In the year 2000 I was introduced to Yen Shu Yen from Sun Son International when I was visiting Taiwan to teach classes on Intuitive Aromatherapy.  For the past ten years I have been travelling and teaching in Taiwan and every year I am greeted by students with an incredibly high commitment to their studies of aromatherapy and to their work.  I know this is a reflection of the training they are receiving from Sun Son International.

I have had the pleasure of teaching many students in many cities across Taiwan. Over the years I have taught a variety of subjects in the aromatherapy field. The Taiwan practitioners are passionate about their work and are continually seeking out the latest new information. Knowing this, a few years ago I introduced Ayurveda Aromatherapy to Sun Son International in Taiwan through Farida Irani’s courses and products. This subject has been taken on enthusiastically and the practitioners enjoyed learning from Farida earlier this year when she ran some short courses.

The future of Aromatherapy and the IAAMA in Taiwan is strong with Yen Shu Yen and her team from the IAAMA accredited school, Sun Son International.  Through them I am absolutely confident that   there will be a steady stream of passionate prodigies continuing to upgrade their skills.

Jennifer Jefferies是澳洲最著名的作者和演講者,她擁有現代生活的秘訣。她對於工作、生活與平衡有強烈的領悟和分享很有幫助的訊息。Jennifer是一名合格的芳香療法治療師和自然療法師,但是更棒的是她過去經歷工作倦怠的時期,因而決定改變她自己的生活,現在她真正成為一位幫助其他人學習平衡健康生活的重要性和好處的專家。




Jennifer Jefferies is one of Australia’s best-known authors and speakers and she has a prescription for modern living. Her powerful message is of work, life and balance. Jennifer is a qualified Aromatherapist and naturopath, but better than that, she’s also a real person who has travelled the road to corporate burnout where she decided  to change her life and help others to learn what she did about the importance and benefits of living a life in balance.

Her background includes 16 years as a professional speaker and for the last 22 years she has owned and managed retails stores and natural medicine clinics through out Australia.

Today Jennifer speaks to corporations throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States sharing practical real life strategies that help people to improve their health, wellbeing and productivity by finding balance and integrating natural therapies in their lives.

Jennifer is a refreshingly down-to-earth, engaging and informative speaker who leaves her audiences feeling empowered about the things they can do to achieve balance in their lives, rather than feeling guilty about what they’re not doing!

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